Market Research
and Analysis

Before introducing any new product on the market, MG first analyzes the epidemiological situation and the possibility of treating patients with this product, clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness, parameters determined by the needs of the patient.Medical Group has enhanced quality control services, within the Marketing Department, relying on a market research, analysis techniques and promotion. This is done based on the legal regulations and ethics of drug promotion, which also helps to monitor competition, to meet the needs of individual or group customers and partners it represents


Sales, Marketing
and Promotion

The marketing and promotion team of medical products,within Medical Group operates in: 

• Pharmaceutical market analysis, identifying the characteristics of pharmaceutical products and the specifics of supply and demand; 

• Forecasting and planning the development of medicinal products based on the needs of public and private health institutions; 

• Improving the quality of services in providing pharmaceutical care to consumers, through the creation of a rational information through social networks; 

• Development of more advanced methods for generating demand for pharmaceutical goods and services (online shopping and ordering). 


and Storage

Located on the outskirts of capital city, 10 km from the center of Prishtina, Medical Group has the most advanced warehouse for storage and distribution of medical products and equipment.

The facility designed to adapt to the nature of products, with a space of 4,500m₂, has sufficient capacity for storage and export of products in neighboring markets.

Also, the sufficient technical resources of the Medical Group including cars, vans and all transport vehicles with adequate standards for operation, with temperature monitoring along the entire transport line on a daily basis, place the Medical Group at a higher level of service and efficiency in a medicine distribution processes, always in accordance with GDP guidelines and requirements and EMA regulations.


Consulting and
Advisory Services

Medical Group, with its trained expert staff, provides ongoing professional consultations, in order to serve quality services for the market where it operates.

The aim is, for that partners, are provided with the needed information, in order to make the right decisions in addressing the necessities of the market in which they serve or any study in which we participate as a local partner.

It is a known fact that updated market monitoring requires day-to-day research, even if the relevant market is clearly defined. This is due to the fact that MG operates in a geographical area which is not yet part of the EU, under the influence of large markets which reflect European standards, both in terms of quality services, ethical and human.

This influenced the company’s decisions and vigilance towards following ethical and professional messages on the market.

Through professional seminars and trainings, organized with the support of various donors, as well as with direct participation in research projects, funded by international organizations, such as: European Union, World Bank, USAID, UNICEF, etc.

Medical Group, has assisted in the infrastructure and planning of new private health institutions and the Ministry of Health of Kosovo.

This act is recognized as a significant contribution to improving the quality of clinical services and day-to-day management of UCCK Clinics, including regional and private hospitals. The involvement of the company in these projects has significantly helped to improve the understanding and importance of public-private partnership (PPP), identified as a key factor in the development and improvement of the health care system as a whole.

Medical Group has built a substantial experience, serving multinational companies in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as assisting foreign donors in various local and international projects which have left positive signs in the development of the health sector.


Regulatory Affairs
& Pharmacovigilance

Medical Group specializes in providing professional consulting services in the field of health, regulatory issues and pharmacovigilance.

These activities are carried out in accordance with regulations, guidelines and practices according to applicable laws, for all pharmaceutical companies which aim to enter the market of Kosovo, Albania and Northern Macedonia.

This service is provided by a qualified staff, who responsibly handle every detail and implement every planned action. This approach has influenced the increase of professional credibility by our partners, known for prestigious and high quality lines of medical products and equipment.

A compact team, composed of qualified personnel in various disciplines, is trained to successfully assist in matters of pharmaceutical compliance, in order to continuously improve the quality and safety of products, through:
• Preparation of certain documents for submission to the competent authority in information management;
• Maintenance of MA licenses throughout the cycle, from the time of application until approval;
• Preparation of all documents in local languages, accessible to products and patient information leaflets;
• Coordination of tasks in the pharmacovigilance department;
• Managing and reporting any side effects or complaints after using medical products and equipment as well as submitting periodic safety reports;
• Management and implementation of internal inspections.

If you have safety issues in respect of our products please connect with us