Our Story

Twenty Years of International Expertise with Leading Pharmaceutical and healthcare Companies

The journey began in 2000, as a health programs consulting company, called MCG (Medical Consulting Group). Consisting of a group of doctors, health care professionals, involved at the time in supporting international efforts for humanitarian health assistance in Kosovo and the region. The challenge of those days was crucial in creating and building the company, in the form it still has today. Despite difficult circumstances and moments, in 2004 MCG was incorporated as an LLC, under the name Medical Group. Since then we have become the most important pillar in the field of pharmaceutical and medical market in Kosovo and the region.

In the name of Health,
we give you the best!

Raising the standard
of health services

Medical Group over two decades has raised the standard of health services in the community where it operates. This is achieved, through professional partnerships with health experts, with agreements reached and contracts concluded with the most prestigious companies, as a bridge of cooperation, success and trust for the partners and patients it serves. Medical Group, as its main objective has access to the market of Southeast Europe and the distribution of services it offers, conveying the culture created within the pharmaceutical and health sector. The company, currently operates in Kosovo, the main market, Albania and Northern Macedonia. Dedicated and highly motivated staff is continuously engaged in ensuring the high quality of health care products and services, therefore creating a strong reputation of the company in all markets where it operates and more

New standard
of Medical treatment

Medical Group operates with a clear vision: To provide professional and innovative services with products of international standards from developed countries, such as the EU, USA, etc. Hence, MG aspires to remain the exclusive representative and distributor of the most prestigious pharmaceutical brands, towards excellence and improving the health of patients. By creating new opportunities to raise the ethical-human clinical standard, Medical Group has decided to challenge itself and the market in which it operates.

In the name of Health,
we give you the best!

Management, Team,
Founder Story

Medical Group dedicates most of its success to its professional team committed over the years, to founders and external collaborators who have always contributed and helped raise the quality of our services from their experience. These relationships are built on the basis of work ethic, professionalism, responsibility and unconditional contribution and have influenced the level of services that Medical Group already offers. With human resources, MG manages to approach each target and believes in the results of teamwork. Medical Group, encourages creativity in the team and continuously invests in the professional and personal development of each. The goal is to create a stimulating work environment that is rewarding and challenging for each individual. Through this, brings out the best in each team member and provides the perfect service. Medical Group supports the continuing professional education of its employees through advanced, internationally recognized training and certification, covering all costs.

Founder story

The founder of the Medical Group LLC, Dr Skender Kutllovci, completed his studies in the field of Medicine and continued its educational journey at University of London “ London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine” , were he did his master degree in public health and health Services management . As reflection on the situation and the need for development in the field of healthcare services in Kosovo, in the post-war era, Dr Kutllovci, considered it necessary to join the company “MCG” and change it completely, for better. Thus, it was incorporated as a Medical Group, expanding the scope of its action, to give the maximum contribution to the development of healthcare sector in Kosovo. The rest is history. In the name of Health, we give you the best!

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